Where Aussie's run
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About our dogs

            All of our dogs are AKC Registered.
                Standard Size Aussies
                                       THE BOYS
Our Blue Merle Male is River is "retired",  He is 23" at the shoulder 65Lbs.  River is very playful, smart and lovable. He has the dome head and square muzzle that I love. He has a very even temperament.

Orrie is River's boy, gorgeous coat, he's a large boy with a solid structure.  Friendly good natured, gets along with other dogs.
  Titan  from Shurdan Creek, "Retired" another big guy like River,
  he is 23" at the shoulder.

Bear, Our Jet Black, Black Bi.  He adds the Blue eye gene for Black Tri's and Bi's, and he is an overall awesome boy. I love the Blue color that is not washed out. Bear is a good size and has a good confirmation structure. 

  Sport our Red Merle male from Shurdan Creek, pictures of his parents are on the "Other  Pics" page.  Sport has one blue eye, and is a nice size dog.


This our Red Tri Male, Rusty. "Retired" He has a great coat and awesome personality. He is Brother to Jade and both have champion bloodlines that include: GREFIONS, Bayshore, Valhallas, BRIGADOONS and Propwash.

Someone to Watch over me "Watchie" has a long thick coat, nice body type structure and heavy bones.  Watchie is easy going and confident. Watchie has Mill Creek's, Briarbrook, Montrose and Propwash in his bloodline.

  IronMan he is from River and Amber, he is a good size boy with
  a beautiful coat, thick bone structure.  He loves to play, is very
  loving, friendly, engages the other dogs to play and an absolute
  joy to be around.

   Bosco  is from Roamie (Sapphire/Bear and Rusty).  He is very
   relaxed, easy going,   with heavy bone structure like his
  grandma Sapphire, and BET gene from Bear.  He has a nice dome
  head with square muzzle with 2 Blue eyes.  His coat is jet black
  that is a nice length that sheds out easily does not mat.
  Bosco is also Red factored so he produces Reds.

     London, Blue Merle with 2 blue eyes,  is from Marina (Sapphire+ 
  Orrie) and Bruiser (Moriah+River).  London is relaxed, smart,
  confident and friendly, gets along with the other dogs and cat.
  He has a nice structure with heavy bone to support a nice
  weight of a larger dog.  He has a beautiful coat like River, and
  some gentleness like his grandma Moriah

  Murrey is from Crazy (Sappire+Titan) and IronMan (River+
  Amber), BET gene from Titan, and has nice qualities from his 
  Grand parents on both sides. 

                                  THE GIRLS

, "Retired" her last litter was in 2013, but we have her Daughters Dahlia and Dreamer to carry on Jade's awesome personality.  Info on Jade, our Red Merle sweetheart she has the personality of  Marilyn Monroe until she is turned out than she's all work.  Jade has strong herding instincts,  The feedback from her puppy owners is  that her pups are smart and easy to train.
Jade is sister to Rusty and has the same great bloodlines.

Ginger,  is one of our larger females, her parents are River and  
 Harley, (Harley is sister to Watchie).   

   Sierra is a big beautiful Blue Merle with two blue eyes. She is from
   Ginger and Titan.  She is bigger boned like her grandpa River.
   She is friendly, playful and loves attention.

   Trini  a River and Savannah pup,  very smart, nice coat, Brown
   eyes.   She is a heavy boned girl and beautiful too.

Moriah,  "Retired" Is good natured, sweet, nice structure and very smart, and so gentle.

, Blue Merle with two blue eyes, from Moriah and River.  Very smart, eager to please, lovable and playful.  She likes to engage the other dogs in a game, she'll pick up a toy and tease the other dogs to chase her.  Very very sweet and so gentle.

 Dream, Blk Tri with two blue eyes, she is from Jade and Titan.  Although her dad is a big guy, she is on the smaller side, active and friendly, loves attention, she's flirtatious like her mom Jade.

   Marina is a sassy Blue Merle from Sapphire and Orrie

   Dahlia is from Jade and Titan, sister to Dream.  She has Jade's
   wonderful personality very attentive, great eye contact, always
   looking at me for direction, super easy to train, very smart and

   Crazy is from Sapphire and Titan, she is calm like Sapphire, and
   the BET from Titan.  She is a taller girl which is how she got her
  name, as a puppy she was all legs so her nickname became Crazy
  Horse and once she grew into her legs we just call her Crazy. 
  She has produced some nice pups with IronMan and his ears have
  contributed to nicer ears with blue eyed pups.

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