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Welcome to auzzierun

We are located on 25 acres in North Central North Carolina. 
To view litters go to our Puppies Page,  To read what our puppy owners have to
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Best way to inquire about a puppy is to fill out our contact form on the Contact Us Page

Here is a little bit on how we got into breeding these amazing dogs,
We have owned Australian Shepherds for over 20 yrs., not including my childhood pet Aussie.  when I was a child, my Aunt bred and raised Aussies and so we ended up with a Blue Merle named Hippie.  However as an adult I bought a Collie that we had for many years and my son grew up with til age 10.  When our Collie passed away we looked into many breeds over a couple of years before deciding what we wanted.  After doing much research I felt the best dog was my childhood Aussie, so we looked into breeders of Australian Shepherds.  We contacted the breeder of a dog that was exactly what I wanted and she referred me to a breeder that was expecting a litter from her Stud.  We put a deposit on a puppy before the litter was born.  Below are our two boys that we had until they were 14yrs old, and miss dearly.  Our goal is to replicate these beautiful Std Size (Larger) Aussies with great temperaments, healthy and intelligent.

Update:  From our beginning over 12 yrs ago, we analyzed the breeding scope that is pushed by the industry, and we do things differently.  We have taken the time to breed only the select dogs to create our version, the "Auzzie Run" version, of an Aussie. The calmer playful Aussie that can still do it all, herd, agility, therapy and service.  We are different from other breeders that turn over their stock by buying in new dogs and selling off their breeding pairs frequently. By turning over their dogs they do not have a life long stake in the dogs longevity and by bringing in new stock each generation they blame their health issues on the new stock. That whole process is degrading the health of the breed and does nothing to improve the breed.  We are improving the breed, so yes testing for hip, elbow, HC and MDR1, but also in keeping our dogs so that we know if they were to develop heart disease, epilepsy or a whole host of other liver or kidney diseases. So we do run against the grain by keeping our dogs and not buying new stock, and only keeping pups once we have feed back from prior litters to know that they make perfect pets before deciding to keep and breed for the next generation.
In over 12yrs we are just on our 3rd generation, while other breeders are on their 5&6th generation in the same period.
We are different, we're doing it better.

Chillie and Bruiser (on the left, this was 14yrs ago from where we are today) were with us for about 14 yrs.  As they got older we looked into buying a couple of puppy Australian Shepherds.  We talked to several breeders and finally set out to look at some in person.  I started to see these smaller versions of Aussies and had a difficult time finding Aussies that were Std size.  We bought two pups with the assurance that they would be Std size, however as they grew, they were much smaller than I had expected, and hyper.  Again I talked to several breeders and again bought a new puppy where the breeder said this would be a Std size dog, and this time she did meet the criteria for a Std size female and has the character I wanted, active but not hyper.  I continued to look into the breed and had a difficult time finding the larger dogs like my old boys, even though they met the criteria for a Std size male, just at the top of the scale at 23". After long hard searches we did add a couple of big Aussies  that meet my idea of a great Aussie, beautiful, happy, healthy, intelligent, loyal, active but not hyper and most of all LOVING.
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