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About our dogs

         AKC Pedigree is for reference only
      Larger top of the scale Standard Size Aussies
                                       THE BOYS




 BTO is London's brother, Large good natured, gentle like his
 dad Bruiser who's parents are Moriah+River.  Mom is Marina,
 her parents are Sapphire+Orrie.
 A Black Tri version of London for breeding to Merle females
 where we want the same genes.

        This pup will be one of our future breeding males

  Sport our Red Merle male from Shurdan Creek, pictures of his parents are on the "Other  Pics" page.  Sport has one blue eye, and is a nice size dog.

   Bosco  is from Roamie (Lizzie and Rusty) and Star (Moriah and  
   Bear).  He is very relaxed, easy going, with heavy bone
  structure like his grandma Sapphire, with BET gene from Bear.  
  He has a nice dome head with square muzzle with 2 Blue eyes.   
  His coat is jet black that is a nice length that sheds out easily
  does not mat.   Bosco is also Red factored so he can produce
    RETIRED boys below for reference





  Bruiser,  Just had his last two pups with Sierra Nov 2018. 
  He is being replaced by his sons from Marina 2016, London,
  Hunter, and BTO.

  Roamie, is from Lizzy (Sapphire+Bear) and Rusty. Roamie was
 a stepping stone, replaced by his son Bosco that has better
 ears, and better mask, but carries a lot of Roamies good traits
 like his great structure, heavy bones, wide muzzle and blue
 eyes.  A couple of Roamie's pups had ears that were too high,
 so it was important to improve on the ears which son Bosco

             AKC Pedigree is for reference only

                                  THE GIRLS


  Margarita from Marina and Bruiser, is sister to London,  she is calm
  good natured and gentle and very loving.  She gets along with
  other dogs and our kitty.
  She has a solid structure, wide chest, and gives good eye contact.

   This pup Arnie will be one of our future 2021 breeding females

   Marina (Retired) is a sassy Blue Merle from Sapphire and Orrie,
  gets along with other dogs, loves attention, very calm like Sapphire,
  smart maybe too smart.

   Dahlia (Retired) is from Jade and Titan, sister to Dream.  She
   has Jade's wonderful personality very attentive, great eye contact,
  always looking at me for direction, super easy to train, very smart
  and friendly.

   Crazy is from Sapphire and Titan, she is calm like Sapphire, and
   the BET from Titan.  She is a taller girl which is how she got her
  name, as a puppy she was all legs so her nickname became
  Crazy Horse and once she grew into her legs we just call her
  Crazy.   She has produced some nice pups with IronMan  his
  ears have contributed to nicer ears with blue eyed pups.
  Tequila is from Dahlia and Sport, she enjoys play time with many of the dogs, does have herding instincts, lovable, loyal with nice coat, nice markings proper mask, and nice structure.

   Honey is from Dream (Jade+Titan) and Roamie (Lizzy+Rusty),
  she is red factored, jet black coat, with full white collar. She has
  been paired up with IronMan (Amber+River) to add more size and
 improved mask in the pups. Honey is very attentive with good eye
 contact, listens very well and eager to please.

  RETIRED girls below for reference



 SAPPHIRE  very calm, large boned, wide chest, a character she'll
 blow bubbles under water, determined and smart so always finds a
 way to get to something that she wants. Balance like a mountain
 goat even though she's a very big girl. 

 Amber from MHK before they moved to mini american shep.

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