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  Please complete the fields below and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours with our puppy questionnaire.
BTW we're located in NC, We breed Standard size Aussies. BUYERS MUST PICK UP PUPPIES IN PERSON.  

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  Here is Our Process and Puppy Questionnaire email that you will receive.
Thank you for your interest in our puppies. We are a hobby breeder, meaning we work full time careers with Corporations which pays our bills, we do not make a living off of our puppies. We breed puppies for the enjoyment and also to make sure these larger Aussies are available in the future. We Breed Standard size Australian Shepherds that are friendly, playful, sweet and loving. They are "active" (not hyper) and some are a bit more laid back for an Aussie, but still a more active breed than most breeds. Our focus is on Health, Temperament, intelligence and personality over perfect markings or other small cosmetic things. We cross the "Show class" Aussies with "Working class" Aussies for the perfect pet. The show class Aussies have some attributes like beauty, playfulness and refinement, while the working class Aussies have other attributes like intelligence, focus and fewer health issues.

We have a 3yr Health Guarantee combined with our spay/neuter contract. We keep in touch with our puppy owners, we have a few pups out there that are just turning 10 this year, and than more that are turning 7 this years and so on. All of the pups that we have sold are all still in great health no issues. We still have our foundation dogs that are retired some 12, 11 and 10yrs old, still doing great, we started with good tested clean lines and have not added any dogs that have not been tested. We still have our second generation dogs and are now on our third generation after 10yrs because we make sure there are a couple of litters with great feed back before deciding to keep one from the same parents to carry on the genes. We did not have test run on our second generation since they are all within our foundation dogs and all of the adult dogs are in perfect health, we will sample test our newest generation to make sure nothing has changed. However out of 243 puppies from over 10yrs of breeding and with zero health issues.

We keep our numbers down so that we have time for daily handling of each puppy, and exposing the puppies to different environments as they develop, which is part of their socializing.

Our 2019 Puppy Pet/Companion prices :
- Black Tri's with BROWN eyes are $650,
- Red Tri's with Brown eyes are $700
- Blue and Red Merles (regardless of eye color) are $900
- Black and Red Tri's with Blue eye(s) are $900.
Prices are for Pet/companions (Spay/Neuter contract), does NOT include Breeding rights.
Non refundable Deposit of $200 to put a puppy on hold for you, a partial payment of $200
at 4wks old, and the remaining balance is due when the puppy turns 8wks old or upon pick up. Blue Merles are in higher demand than Black Tri's so if you are wanting to secure a Blue Merle prior to their birth, than a deposit can be accepted to secure one.
See prior pup pictures on Prior Litter page and also on River Puppies page. Many of our puppy owners have pictures and comments posted to our fb page at https://www.facebook.com/AuzzieRun

We encourage folks to read the Testimonials page so that you know from prior
litters what kind of dogs our dogs produce. These are fun loving dogs that love
to play, love toys, want to please you and be loved by you. With training and
continued socializing they are friendly with other dogs, love to play with other
dogs at the dog parks, friendly with people too, and after you get home from play,
they will follow you from room to room like a shadow, they will keep your feet
warm while you watch TV and some dogs enjoy watching TV too.

We strongly recommend taking your new puppy to puppy training classes where they
get exposed to other puppies, their owners and learn to listen and obey "with
distractions". This training is also needed to establish a good foundation. In the
youtube link below is a video of one of our pups, Ivy, that went to live with Lisa.
Ivy is just about 1yr old in the video. Prior to taking Ivy to training, her owner Lisa
was frustrated with how to train her new puppy. Once she became familiar how to
communicate and reward Ivy, than the progress has never stopped. Ivy is certified
for Therapy, and as a Service dog, plus she is now into sniff training for identifying
different smells. She continues to practice her prior training so that she doesn't forget
and also learns more all the time. That is the magic of knowing how to communicate
with your puppy through training.

This link below is The Dog Knowledge Service Dog Demo video, Starring Ivy, she is from our Sapphire / Watchie's 2011 litter, she lives in Charlotte was going to The dog knowledge for training and tricks. Ivy is awesome!!. Ivy made a commercial for Lowes Home imp. look for it. Her owner Lisa Kite spends a lot of time training Ivy, she knows an endless number of tricks.

Please continue to read our process detail, if you agree with our process please fill out our puppy questionnaire,
we look forward to reading your reply.


Our General "new litter" process.

Basic process information :
We are located 1hour north of Raleigh, North Carolina, customers should be close
enough to drive out to pick up their puppy in person at 8wks old. Puppies that
need to be shipped have to been seen in person.

Below is an out line of the normal process for future expected litters, this along
with several email and a few phone calls along the way to discuss in more detail
your situation, timing and pick up schedule. If pups are already grown than a few
steps are no longer a point.

1) You fill out the attached puppy questionnaire and return to us.
There are no wrong answers we just want to know more about you so we know
what level of experience you have and what type of life style, yard or in lieu of a
yard you do what.... This will help us to know if you can handle an active dog or
need us to select one of the more relaxed puppies and so on.
2) We'll send you an email with pictures when they are born, if they are already
born they are posted to the web.
The folks that have placed a deposit before they are born get the early picks, if a
person that has placed a deposit but can not decide on which puppy they want than
they will be skipped over for the next person to choose a puppy.
3) Puppies go into the Vet for tails to be docked and dew claws removed on day 2.
If you want the tail to be kept long then you'll need to be at the top of the list and decide within 24hours of the pups being born, as they have tails docked on day 2.
4) If you're interested in an available puppy, and your questionnaire has been accepted, than
let us know which puppy ID# you want to put a deposit on. You will need to email your choice in writing with parents names and puppy ID# example Blue Merle Male#3 or BMM3.
5) If you have not already placed a reserve deposit, we'll send you a PayPal
invoice for the non refundable $200 deposit and out line the balance amount due for which
puppy ID# you are submitting a deposit for. If you prefer to mail in a check that is
fine too.
6) you pay the invoice or mail a check for the $200 non refundable deposit.
7) We change the status to Sold with your name on the puppy page for that puppy ID#.
8) Puppies get dewormed at 2wks, 4wks, 6wks and 8wks here, and at 7wks go to the vet
to get their first set of shots and a micro chip, 15 digit international number.
9) We post updated pictures every couple of weeks til puppies are picked up
at 8wks old.
10) There are normally emails exchanged as folks have questions week to week
about their puppy's development stages, activity level at the age pictures updated.
when they learn to walk, learning to play, learn to pull on ears, eat solid food, etc.
11) We discuss/arrange date and time for you to come out and pick up the puppy.
12) Balance may be paid in cash (not check) upon pick up. Or you may pay the
balance by PayPal prior to pick up date at 8wks. Balance is always due in full
at 8wks old, PayPal can be used if pick up is delayed. If payment in full can
not be made when puppy is 8wks old, seller has the option to sell the puppy
to another buyer and transfer your deposit to a future litter.
13) Puppies not picked up at 8wks may incur additional fees if additional shots
are required.
14) We also have information at our Prod Info Page, recommendations for: Type of Food for you to buy, toys, collars, crate and other products like Interceptor 3in1.

You can get a lot of information by visiting the pages of our website. Testimonials,
Prior Litter , River Puppies . Available puppies on the Puppies Page,
pups that are sold are marked as Reserved or on HOLD.

Please Consider a Black Tri, they have the same great personalities, loving and loyal, as a blue Merle they are just a different color.

You can either reply to this email and than fill in the below puppy questionnaire,
or you can copy and paste the below into a new email to us and fill in your answers.

__ TEXT version * * * Puppy Questionnaire * * * __copy paste to reply email____
Below is our questionnaire; we get all kinds of people asking about our dogs, so
for our puppy€™s protection we need to ask these questions. Bottom line is, we want to
make sure you will take very good, loving, care of our baby for her entire life. And that
you have some history or personal knowledge with active dogs so that we do
not sell to someone that might abandon them because of their energy level.
Aussies are not for everyone, so please make sure that you understand the breed first.

1. We keep our dogs on monthly heartworm prevention, front line or similar, a diet
of a Premium dog food, Nuvet vitamins, and annual vaccines/vet visits.
If this puppy is sold to you, do you commit to providing this same kind of care?

2. Please explain what your experience has been with Aussies. If not with Aussies,
Than what types of dogs have you owned in the past that might be similar in
energy level.

3. Do you have a fenced in yard, Or Acreage with invisible fence, or other?
Please elaborate.

4. Do you have children at home? What are their ages?

5. What type of environment do you live in, country, city or suburb?

6. Please fill in your name and home address below.
7. Please include your phone number where I can reach you to discuss your adoption.

8. What hours are better to reach you?

9. How many dogs do you own?

10. How long have you owned your dogs?

11. Have you given up pets in the past, if so why?

12. Do you have a veterinarian, may we contact them?

13. What are your plans for this puppy?

14. Will he/she be alone during the day, for how many hours?

15. What activities are available during alone time?

16. What kind of training do you have planned?

17. What is your activity level, do you Plan to take the dog on frequent hikes or jogging?

18. Will he/she spend nights inside or outside? If outside, is there shelter available?

19. We would like to get an update (a few lines on how quickly he/she learns, gets along with other dogs and greets strangers) as well as photos with approximate height and weight twice a year for the first two years as he/she matures. This helps us in making sure that we continue to produce loving, intelligent and loyal puppies that are active, not hyper. Is this something that you are willing to commit to?

******* End of Questionnaire. *******
We look forward to your reply.

________ Facility information and pictures_______________
For pictures of our kennels see our website Other Pics page.

The Boys have 10'X40' runs with an adjoining 40'X60' exercise yard
Night time 10ft section has sides and top covered with dog house which opens to 30' long run that has 10' covered total 40' enclosure with 20' covered. For freezing nights they do go into our 30'x40' shop.

The girls have 2 larger play areas 30'x40' each for exercise and enjoy romping together.
Their night time kennels are covered 5X10 with a house. We also have a larger adjoining
exercise yard that is 40'X80' for them to run wide open that we put in summer 2015.

When they are further along in the pregnancy the females are brought into the house to have their pups.
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