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Available young adults or retired

Our young adult dogs below.....                                       

 See our "Testimonials" Page to read what our puppy owners have to say about their puppies.

        UP Dated with pictures July 11, 2018. 
      We have a pretty Red Tri male with blue eyes that is 2 years old, born 01/16/2016
      from Dream and Sport.  He is already neutered, and gets along with children. 
      He was living with a large family with 7 children, he was trained by their teen daughter
      but has not had any professional training.  He was allowed to run on their 6 acres,
      however he will do better in a large fenced in yard and additional training.
      The dog was used to roaming on additional land that belonged to a vacant lot/home,
      however when new residence moved in, he would bark and not allow them to come out.
      The owners of the dog did not wish to build him a fence, or kennel or to train him the new
      boundaries, so we agreed to take him off their hands, so he is here with us now.
      We have taken him out to the local farmers market to see how he does on neutral ground,
      and he gets along with strangers that he met.  The owners also said that they frequently
      had people over and the dog always greeting their friends and family great no issues.
      The only issue was with the new neighbor and the dog reacting to them as trespassing.

      If you are interested in a young adult dog or older pup than please contact us for  
      information and adoption fees which are much less than our puppy price.

     taking turns in the trough, the Red Tri gets along with other dogs, here he's in
     a play yard with Sky.










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