Where Aussie's run
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Other Pics

    10'x40' Dog runs with a large exercise yard

                                          There dog house is in a section that is more enclosed for quiet time,

        The enclosed 10' section opens to 10x30 run, partially covered, adjacent  they have a large exercise yard            


                   Here is Rusty enjoying some time in the larger yard.

                      You can just see a bit of IronMan there on the right standing up in his run                                                                    

     SOCIALIZING is a lot of different things for young pups,
   While they are here they get a start, but new owners will need to continue. . .
    meeting different dogs and learning to play with toys,  You're not my mommy

       This auntie is fun to play with and shows them how to play with toys.
       she will entice them with a toy and get them to chase her,  and then she'll try to get them to take the toy away from her.

     Exposure to different things like going down stairs, walking on a leash,
     going to the vet, and car rides, are some of the things they get exposed to.

      Learning what a leash is and going out into different yards

      Exposure, exposure, exposure...  if it snows they find out what it's like, same goes for rain.

        Running around and Visiting the kennels out back
          Taking them for a walk out to the pond,  and they might meet some other farm animals too
        Once they leave here they need to continue being exposed to different things: lots of people, places, and things.

     Other misc pictures

    April 2018  Watchie says hello, he is still doing great.

    Here are a few pictures of Sky in July 2018 having a dip in the water trough and getting if all dirty.

    IronMan a bit faded from being in the sun, April 2018,           IronMan with Sugar and Dahlia July 2018  

    Bosco from Star and Roamie, calm, nice head, muzzle, ears and blue eyes.  Honey from Dream and Roamie is more active like Dream

      BTO    Blk Tri brown eyes but carries the BTE blue eyes gene, calm relaxed boy with nice coat and good size,
      and so lovable, gentle like his dad Bruiser and grandma Moriah

        Murrey,  parents are IronMan and Crazy, the best of both

   Dec 2010   Fun in the snow, this is in the back yard

                                                                                   Kirk playing Frisbee with two pets that are not part of our breeding program

  Above is Kirk with Bruiser and Chillie 2005                              Kirk and Bruiser 2010

2003  Kirk and the Boyz 2003                                                                     2000

Kirk 1998 when Bruiser and Chillie were puppies.


Kirk age 4, with our Collie, going back when Kirk was a little guy.     Kirk grew up with our Collie until age 10.

                Ginger     and Spice         and Otis
   River puppies, see more River puppies on that page


    The Boys have 10'X40' runs, 20' of this is covered,  They also have additional exercise yard.


    The Girls have their own area that is separated from the Boys.  The Girls have a common play area that is 30'x40'.
   There are two play areas for the girls both are 30x40.   Below is a pic of their new larger play yard installed in 2015.

     The Girls enjoying romping around in their yard

    The girls now have a larger 40'X80' play yard installed in 2015 that is in addition to their other two play yards

    For Breeding, they are paired up in a third location in 10'x10' kennels since this is a temporary location for them.
   Once the pregnancy is further along the new mom is brought into the house to have her babies.
    Once the puppies start moving around we put a play yard around them to keep them safe.  Moms are able
    to jump in and out as they please.

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