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Prior Litter


   Prior Litters below.....       Baby pic on the Left,                                   Owner update pics on the Right
  For Prior Litters from River go to his own  River Puppies  Page ....

 See our "Testimonials" Page to read what our puppy owners have to say about their puppies.

                    Snow / BTO puppies born March 27th, went to their new homes May 22nd
     BTM1 male, Blk Tri (Dilute),  Maverick went home with Greg V.    at 6months old
   BTM2  Blk Tri Male, with gray eyes, Hitch lives w/Madge & Henry,  Hitch at 6 months

    BMF3  Blue Merle Female, Millie lives with Mike L. at 8wks old,   Millie 8 Months 11/19

    BMF4  Blue Merle Female,  Went to live with Kevin and Cathy.   Maggie at 6 months old. 

     BMM5 Blue Merle Male,  Niko lives with Gayle and family.            Niko at 6 Months old
    BTF6  Black Tri Female,
      RMF7  Red Merle Female Kona lives with Celeste and family      Kona 6 months old

   RTF8   Red Tri Female, Tesla lives with Alexis,                         Tesla at 6 months 09/19

         Tequila / IronMan puppies born March 20th, went to their forever homes May 15th.
    BTF2  Black Tri Female, Ella lives with Ryan and Kara @ 9wks old,  Ella at 5 months
       BTF3  Black Tri Female,   went home with Steve A. and Mrs.  7.5wks old going home

    BMF4 Blue Merle Female Luna, Went to Logan, long tail.  update at 8wks old

    BMM5  Blue Merle male w/excessive white gene, 8wks  Staying here as a buddy to Orrie 

                                          Margarita and IronMan puppies Born  11/07/2018

           BTF2   Ruby was 8Lbs 15oz at 7wks old. Lives with Norma

         BTM3   Gimli was 10Lbs 3oz at 7wks old. lives with Tom B. and Ariel,   Gimli at 1yr old

         BMM4   Drake lives with Billy H.    9 Lbs at 7wks old.                       Drake at 1 yr old  11/19

       BTM5   Silas lives with MaryJo, 9Lbs 12oz at 7wks old. joined Dahlia's 2015 pup.    Silas at 1Yr,

                    BTF6   Louise lives with Amber,  8Lbs 12oz at 7wks old.                         7 months old 42Lbs

      BMM7 Blue Merle was 9Lbs 7oz at 7wks old. lives with Terri L. 

      BMF8  Storm was 8Lbs 14oz at 7wks, lives with Garrett and family,                  Storm at 1 Yr old.

     BMF8 was originally adopted by Terri, however did not work out with their existing aging  Chihuahua 
                    BMM9   Dutch was 8Lbs 10oz at 7wks old, lives with Bob K.                                1Yr old 62 Lbs

                                            Dahlia and IronMan pup 11/03/2018

         RTM1   Toby lives with Scott                                        Toby at 9 months old

                                         Trini and London Pups born June 16th 2018
            BMF2  Sierra went to live with Katie and Mat            update Sierra 9 months old
           BMM3  Beacon went to live with Beth S.                        Beacon at 1yr old
         BMM4  Oliver went to live with Katrina and Blake     update Ollie at 10 months old

               Dahlia and Sports pups Born 03/27/2018,  went to their new homes
     Blue Merle male  Ready went to live with Jon, Sam and family,            Ready at 1 yr old

    Black Tri female  Rosie joins Dahlia's sister Darcy with Quinton & Mary.    Rosie at 1yr old 03/2019

               Tequila and London pups Born March 13th 2018, went to their new homes
    BMM1   Blue Merle Kobe,  went to live with Riley and Geoff.                           Kobe at 1 yr old 03/2019

   BMF2    Emma  at 6wks,          went to live with Allan and Jennifer at 7wks,  Emma At 1 yr old 03/2019

  BMM3  Mochi  learning to explore,        Ann picked up Mochi at 7wks old,                at his new home

  BMF4  Cali  out exploring,                  went home with Tom and Dorinda             Cali at 1yr old 03/2019

  BTM5  Ravi                        went home with Melynn                                           1yr old 03 13 2019

  BTF6   Kona with pretty eyes             went home with Audrey                1yr old 03 13 2019

     BTM7  Samson                               went home with Dennis                   at 1 yr old est. 70Lbs 03/2019


                                 Sierra and Bruiser 4 puppies born Jan 30th 2018      

     BTM1 Black Tri male 2blue eyes #1 Frodo, went home with Wendy and family.   7mon. 50Lbs 090118

                BTM2 Black Tri male #2 Kai, went home with Jason, Jenna and family.  Kai at 9mons 110518

     BMM3 Blue Merle male #3 @5wks, Love that dome head, went to Brittany in VA. @9wks

    BMM4 Blue Merle male Bilu went home with Natalia, Pablo and family,          Bilu at 1yr old


                                      Sky and Sport puppies born Dec 24, 2017
     BMM1 Blue Merle Male #1 Henry went home with Jeff in NY,                          update of Henry at the pub

   BMF2 Blue Merle Female #2 Marianne lives with Isabel,                                                 Marianne at 1yr,

   BMF3 Blue Merle #3 Bindi went home w/Ginny and fam, joining Tucker they bought from us in 2011. at 1.5yrs 09/2019

   BMF4 Blue Merle Female#4  Jojo went to live with Tony S and family                    JoJo 07 2018

   BMM5 Blue Merle #5 Remington went home with Gary,                            update Remington at 1yr old, beautiful boy.

                      Snow and Bosco pups born Nov 21, 2017 went to their homes Jan 16 2018
    BTF1 Paislee  went to live with Melissa, Carl and girls. Joined Piper BM from Crazy 2015

        BTF2     Bonnie stayed here with us

    BTF3  Addie lives w/Patrick and Erin, joined Copper Dahlia/Sport 2016, Addie at 1yr old

       BMM4  Crash went to live with Meghan

       BMM5  Sweeney went to live with Kate in GA

             BTM6 Finn went to live with Tom, Mindy and boys in VA            Finn at 1yr old

       BTM7  Rusty went to live with Martin                                          Rusty at 1yr old 12/28/18

                                    Marina and Murrey pups born Nov 04, 2017
       BTM1  Halo lives with Mike and Tracey         update at 8 months old 07 2018

       BMF2 QueenZ "Z"  lives with Robbie and Caroline.               Z' about 1.5Yrs old 04 2019

    BTM3   Hank lives with Jason and Amanda in SC,                        07 30 2018 50Lbs

       BMF4 Blue Merle female,  Storm went to live with Morgan,         Storm at 1 Yr old

       BMM5,  Behr lives with Melody and family                           update 07 2018 55Lbs
       BMM6   Elvis stayed here with us
           BMF7 Blue Merle female, Piper lives with Dan and Ann,          Piper at 1 Yr old

    BTM8 Blk Tri male,  Koda went to live with Jaclyn and Ethan.     at 1.5yrs old 07/2019

                                  Sierra and Orrie's pups born Jan 30 2017
       BMF1   Miss my beautiful Murgie        now called Harper lives with Ryder

   RMF2  Stella lives with Wendy and joins Piper from prior yr litter.  Stella and Piper 5/2019

      BTF3    went to live with Susan and family with children to love and play with

  BTF4 2 blue eyes, lives with Nancy, brother and Cole from Dahlia/Bear 2014.   w/blue merle ear.
     BMM5  Quincy went to live with Nancy  along with BTF4,   Lol yep  having fun!!

     BTM6  Levi  lives with Peter and family in NY.                         Levi at 5 months old

     BMM7 Wallace   Went to live with Laura and Taylor,          Wallace at 1yr 55Lbs 01/30/18

      RMM8 Atlas lives with Brooke, joining Aurora from last yrs litter.  Atlas @ 6months old

                               Dahlia and IronMan pup born 12/31/2016
          RMF1  Red Merle female Indie went to live with Stephanie and Marcus,  2yrs old 12 2018

                                                       Dream and Roamie puppies Born 09/10/2016
        BTF1  Honey, stayed here to replace her mom Dream,  Red Factored, Blue eyes, full wht collar

                          RTF2  Maggie went to live with Tom and Sue                                                                Jan 17, 2018 1yr old

        BTM3    went to live with Kevin and family with two children to play with

       BTF4   Sugar, also stayed here to carry on Dream and Roamie's genes.  Sugar red factored 07 2018 with IronMan

       BTM5   Ronin went home with Jeff and Niki    the white closes and copper fills in         Jan 17, 2018  1yr old a lot more copper

       BTM6  Parker lives with Neil and Emily along with Roxy that is from Moriah and Watchie yrs back.

                                                      Dahlia and Sport  06/30/2016
   BTF  Tequila stayed here to carry on Dahlia's genes
   BMF  Skye  lives with Amy                                                              Skye at 2yrs old 2018
    BMM  Copper lives with Patrick and Erin   

    RTM  Maverick     lives with Maghan and family                     Maverick at 2yrs old

    BTM  Bentley lives with Jenny                                            Benny @ 2yrs old 06 30 2018

                                                                  Marina and Bruiser puppies Born 05/12/2016
                                         Marina is Sapphire+Orrie,                       Bruiser is Moriah+River
     BMM1   London  is our River replacement now that River is retired.
     BTM2   Hunter     playful, eager to please, gentle and sweet, he also has the softest coat

     BMM3   Cooper   lives with Anna and Jeremy, Cooper weighs 68Lbs,          2017 1yr old

     BTM4   Onyx    lives in NJ with Ann and her family,                                  Onyx almost 1yr old 2017

     BTF5 Kimber and Cooper both live with Anna and Jeremy, Kimber weighs 52Lbs just under 1yr old

     BTF6    Margarita   calm and relaxed, lovable and sweet

    BTM7  BTO  a copy of his dad Bruiser.  gentle, calm, eager to please, big with nice markings, ears, coat.  

                                      Crazy and IronMan puppies  Born  05/09/2016 
            Blue Merle female,  Harper lives with Josh in NC

            Black Tri female,     Skylar  lives with Cypress and family

            Blue Merle female,  Rogue went to live with Brittany and family,                       Rogue all grown up

            Black Tri male,  Rocket  went to live with Sal and family         Rocket 1.5yrs old 01/18/2018

             Black Tri male with two blue eyes  Murrey, stayed here with us                    Murrey almost 2yrs old 04 2018

                                      Snow and Roamie puppies Born  04/25/2016
           Red Tri female with two blue eyes lives with Aaron and family       at 1yr old 04 2017   

       Red Merle male, Frankie lives with Emily and Nick                                               Frankie  at 2yr old 04 2018

        Red Merle male, ACE lives with Amanda and Ashley                                                 at 1.5yr old, Jan 17, 2018

        Blue Merle female,  Nova lives with Stephanie along with Sadie from Ginger and Titan's litter.

         Black Tri female,  Bana with two blue eyes lives with Chris          Bana at 1yr old 04 2017

           Black Tri male.  Thor lives with Katie and  family                         Thor 3yrs old  2019

        Sierra and Roamie puppies Born 03/30/2016  went to their new home May 25th 2016


      Yellow and white female lives with Allie and family, joins Stella they bought from us 5 yrs ago.

      Red Merle female went to live with Hayley

   Blue Merle male Pilot,  Lives with Tamara and family

   Black Tri female Luna w two blue eyes, Lives with Melissa and family.  Luna @ 3yrs old Jul 2019.

   Blue Merle female Rey lives with Caroline and Josh, joins Meeko (Sapphire pup) they bought from us in 2011.

    Blue Merle female Piper,  lives with Wendy and family

    Red Tri female Aurora lives with Brooke     birthday dress on, 1yr old 2017.    at 2yrs old  04 2018

                                         Dream and Sport puppies born 01/16/2016
          Blue Merle male,  Beau lives with Jessica    1yr old                       Beau at 2yrs old  01/18/2018

               Red Tri male  Bishop lives with Tom and Regan, and children,

            Black Tri male   Charlie  lives with Julie and Al,  Charlie loves going to doggie daycare too

                                           Dahlia and IronMan litter born 01/10/2016

             BMM  Gannon  lives in MD with Jean, along with 2 Aussies from us prior years, @ 3yrs old Mar 2019

      Red Tri male    Rusty lives with Meredith and family, Rusty at 1yr,  best buddies March 2017

      Black Tri male  Lives with Tony along with pup from Savannah and River from 2014,

                          Roamie and Star's accidental unplanned litter   12/12/2015.
                 Black Tri Male Jax  lives with Marilyn and frequents the Lynn Lake trails

      Black Tri male  Bosco,  fell in love with his great personality,

                Black Tri female  Pearl  lives with Drew and Peyton and loves going to doggie daycare

         Crazy and Ironman puppies Born 10/30/2015  went to their new home Dec 20th 2015


      BMF1  Piper  Went to her home with Melissa and family,          update Piper at 2yrs old 65Lbs

        BMF2  Lucy went to live with Stephanie in SC                              update Lucy at 2.5yrs old 67Lbs

      BMF3  Fade Went to her home with Dezi, Tim and Baby,     updated Fade at 2yrs old 03 12 2018

        BMM4  Oliver Went to his home with Tom, Reagan and Children.

         BTF5   Black Tri Female #5  Went to her new home with Brent and family

     BTF6   Black Tri Female #6 Brown eyes

                 Dahlia and Sport's Litter  July 9th, 2015 went to new homes Sept 4/5th   
                          Dahlia is sister to Dream they are Jade and Titan pups
     RMM1  Leo Red Merle Male, natl bobbed tail, lives with Whitley and Jesse,                       Leo at 4yrs old  July 2019
             RMM2 Cooper  lives with Erika                                                                                 Cooper at 4yrs old  July 2019

              RTF3   Red Tri Female,  went home with  Mary Jo                                    WOW, Gorgeous Addie Rose at 8months old 03/2016

            BMF4 Blue Merle Female Ruby went home with Melissa and family                                2017 2yrs old, how much she's grown.
BMF5 Ava   Blue Merle Female went home with Riann in VA                                                  Ava 4yrs old July 4th 2019

                  RMF6 Shiloh Red Merle Female, went home with Dylan and Jessica,  2017          Shiloh at 4yrs old July 2019

                      BTM7   Black Tri male Neko lives with  Grace and Dan                                                 Neko at 4yrs old July 2019

  RMF8  lives with Bryan, Simone and family.  Joining Jade's pup Sibryna from 2yrs prior.          Shania at 4yrs old  July 2019

                        Dream and Chillie Litter  April  08, 2015 went home in June    
                              Dream is a Jade and Titan pup, and Chillie is a Savannah and River pup
            Blue eyed Black Tri male,  called Jax lives with Mark in AL


                               Lizzy and Rusty Litter DOB 09/07/14, Small litter 
         Lizzy is from Sapphire and Bear's 2011 Litter.
          LR14 RTF1  Red Tri Female #1  blue eyes,  lives with Joshua in NC 
      RTF1 has the same heart shaped marking on the right side of her head that her Aunt Ivy has
    LR14  RTF2   Red Tri Female #2,   has
brown eyes, Went home with Dean and Christy in NC

         LR14  RTM3   Red Tri Male #3, Beautiful rich color and Blue eyes,    Our Roamie.

    LR14  BTM4 Blk Tri Male,  Went home with Kristen and Erik in NC,  Buckley with pine-cone @ 1yr.


                           Dahlia and NinjaStar 
      BTM6   Cole, went to live with Nancy in VA 

                                               Ginger and Titan  puppies born 04 04 14

  GT14 BTF1 Blk Tri, Sadie went to live with Stephanie and family in NC,  update Christmas 2015,  At 2yrs old 04 2016

    GT14 BTM2  Black Tri Male,  Tahoe  went to live with Charlie and Mary in VA,        Tahoe at Christmas 2014

            GT14 BTF3  Black Tri Female3,  Molly went to live with Fred and his wife in VA.

            GT14 BMF4  Blue Merle Female,  SIERRA Stayed here with us.  She is a good size female, sweet, active, playful and smart.
                                              Sapphire and Orrie  puppies born 06 24 13. 
      Sapphire, Blue merle female, smart and calm.    Orrie is a River son, playful and lovable    

      BTF1     Black Tri female #1  Maggie Mae went to Sandy  in CT,   Maggie Mae 6yrs old 06 24 19

                BTF2   Black Tri Female #2    went to Vivian  in VA

               BTM3  Black Tri Male  #3   Went to Michelle in  NC

            BTF4    Black Tri Female #4 Dixie went to Tim and Mandy in  NC

             BMF5     Blue Merle Female #5  Prim went to Meredith  in  NC

      BMF6 Blue Merle Female, Marina stayed here to carry on Sapphires genes. She is smart and sassy.

                        Jade and Bear Puppies born 05-28-13 went home  07-23-13

        BMM1  Blue Merle male,  Mojo went to live with Jack in Fla.                  Mojo hanging out with Jack in FL, they're fishing buddies.

       BMF2 went to live with Lisa in MD,                                                   Ziva at her home in MD with Lisa

    RMM3   Rhaego went to live with Anthony and Stacy  NC,   at 1 1/2 yrs old, looks a lot like Jade in this picture.

    RMM4  Rooster went to live with AnJulie and Johnny, joining Sapphire's 2012 pup Dutch, Rooster looks like Jade, update May 2016
          RBF7 Demi went to live with Mary and Breielle in NC

            Sapphire and Watchie Puppies born 11-28-2012 went homes  Jan 23, 2013
    Black Tri Female #1
  ID SW12 BTF1 Roxie  went to live with Glenn in NC.            Roxie at 2yrs old  Dec 2014

      Red Tri Female #2  RTF2  Ivy went to live with Robert & Lisa in NC, updt 3Yrs old pic, Has a Therapy badge and does Tricks too
       See Ivy on the NEWS http://www.wbtv.com/story/31764424/amazing-painting-dog-fetches-beer-and-wine-and-more

           Blue Merle Female #3  ID SW12 BMF3  Gemma went to Krystal in NC.    Gemma at 1 yr old, new pic from Krystal, thx

           Blue Merle Male #4  ID SW12 BMM4   Cody went to Carol in NC.   Update, Cody at 2yrs old Dec 2014

       Red Merle Male #5  Jax went to Tara, Chris and two children in NC.  Jax at 2yr old, Christmas 2014. Sadly Feb 28th 2015 Jax
                                                                                                               got hit by a car and went with the angels.                             
   SW12 RMM6 Dutch went to AnJulie and Johnny,   Dutch on the Right, Left is Rooster from Jade and Bear. May 2016

    ID SW12 BTM7   Max went to Loran and Sharon in NC.  update Max at 1yr old, so pretty.

      Black Tri Male #8    ID SW12 BTM8   went to  Louanne and David in VA.

                                             Aurora and Orrie puppies born 07/29/2012 
                                      Aurora is a Blue Merle sister to Harley and Orrie is a Black Tri son to River,
  RMM2  Red Merle Male #2  Went to live with Bill & Vicky in NC,           pic updated
2014       Updated 2017 5 yrs old

    RMM3  Red Merle Male #3  Went to live with Tom and Carol in NC pic updated 2014 of Alex with Tom.

    BMM4 Blue Merle Male#4  Went to live with Edward and Teaghan in WV,   pic updated 09/21

BMF    as a puppy     and all grown up 5yrs old 2017 Maggie lives in Fla with Dave and family 

      Duke at 1yr old July 2013 with Rick                Duke at 3yrs old 2015 with Gina                        Duke at 7yrs old 2019
   BTM9  Blk Tri #9,
went to Rick, Sir "Duke" of Deer Park,   Jan 2015 Duke now lives with Gina as his daddy Rick passed
Rick loved his boy Duke.


                                                Jade and Titan puppies Born July 12,2012,    

                                                                        Jade                                                                Titan
   BMF1 is a real cow girl in MT, she is called Gunner, she works with Billie working cattle.

                     BMM2 Roman,  went to live with Crystal, no reply from Crystal from the moment she picked him up.
          BTF3  Darcy went to live with Mary and Quinton,  Darcy 4yrs old 2017,                         Darcy 7yrs old  July 2019                      

    BTM4  Murray went to  live with  Mike and Julie in VA

      BTF5  Dreamer stayed here

         BTF6  Dahlia,  ended up staying here, was not the plan, but worked out since she is larger than Dreamer and produced a
         blue eyed black tri with NinjaStar in 2014.  Nice smart pups with Sport in 2015, and pretty pups with IronMan in 2016.

    BTF7  now called Daisy went to live with Stephanie,  Daisy at 1yr old  she turned out to be a very pretty girl.

                           Rusty and Sky puppies Born July 23,2012,  Sky's first litter  
                                           Sky is daughter to River, her picture is on the River puppies page
      Went to live with Nancy and Gary in NC  11/21/12,  I have gotten really attached to this one :(


        Sapphire and Titan's litter Born May 1st, 2012, Puppy updates from their forever homes
     BMF1  Bindi travels a lot with her family,  they are retired and travel between NJ, SC and I believe FL,  Lucky dog. She loves it!!


      Black Tri Male  Boomer lives in NC with Jennah                     His copper points are a nice contrast to the white and black.
     Often it takes several months for the copper to come in.

       Black Tri Female with two blue eyes  This is Crazy, she stayed here with us.   We do not use any spray poison along the fence
                                                                     so it looks un-manicured but than we have not had a single case of cancer in our dogs.

          Jade and Bear's litter Born Jan 2012, Puppy updates from their forever homes   
      Elmo went to live with Chandler and Jason in NC                              Elmo at 3yrs old 2015,  Elmo is Red Merle w/o Copper points

    Blue Merle Bi lives with Simone and Bryan in FL,  Bear is a Black Bi and so this Blue Merle does not have the copper points.

            Went to live with Will in NC

   Red Bi with two blue eyes called Mauvi went to live with Decker and Tara in NC

  Black Bi Victory lived with Sonya and family,  Victory moved with Scott when her family was deployed.  Victory 6.5yrs 07/2019

                                              Born Jan 17, 2012 from Moriah and Bear
  Black Bi Female #1  Went to live with Josh in NC  very pretty with two blue eyes, went through obedience Training and it shows

   BTF4   Star for that twinkle of blue in her eye, accidental litter with Roamie

   Black Tri Female#7  Yani  lives with Barb, Gene and kids,  Yani graduated obedience class, latest pic at 7yrs old Jan 2019.
      Born Friday October 21, 2011 from Sapphire and Watchie, lots of good feedback on this litter
            BTM1                        BTM2               BMF3           BMF4         RTF5             GBM6                  GBM7                GBM8
   BTM1  8wks old 12/16/11                                                                                         Charlie's first Birthday  10/21/12
BTM1  Black Tri #1  -  
Went to live with Tyler and Allison in NC on 12/16/11. 

  BTM2  Black Tri #2  -  
Went to live with Ted and family on 12/18.   New pic  Rocky at 1.5 yr old 02/2013 at a doggie party.

Went to live with Stephen and family on 12/16/11 in NC.              New pic of Zoe at 1 Yr old Taken Oct, 2012  big girl 62#s


  GBM6  Gold Bi Male 6 -  Hank went to live with Jeff 12/17/11.    Hank at herding instinct trails Feb 2012
We met Jeff in VA so that he didn't have to drive all the way to NC from NY.

Hank at 10 months.    Aug 2012                                                       Jeff takes some amazing pictures of Hank, above is from 2016.
  The Yellow Gene is a recessive gene, and while this is a non standard color there are no health risk with the yellow gene.
  The only reason for being a non Standard color is to prevent inexperienced breeders from breeding a Merle to a Merle, since the
  Yellow coat appears to be that of a solid color it could actually be a Merle gene.
  We breed for recessive genes to get the blue eyes which is more difficult than you might think, since this is a different gene
  than the normal blue Merle blue eye gene.


    Tucker at 8wks old 12/16/2011                                                   Tucker at 7yrs old, 01/19/2019, with Bindi a Sky puppy
     GBM8  Gold Bi Male 8 -  Tucker went to live with Ginny and family in NC on 12/15/11.

                                     Litter born September 23, 2011  From  Aurora  and  Bear                   
        Black Tri  Female    Mia

        Blue Merle male 3        Baloo as a baby                                        Baloo about the time he went to live with Jessica and Michael                                                   

  Blue Merle#3 Baloo, and Blk Tri #7, Mowgli - 7 months old, April 2012   and now at 4yrs old with baby Whit Feb 2016.


     Black Tri Male 7  Mowgli       went to live with Jessica & Michael with his brother Baloo of the same litter.    


                           Born April 6th 2011, Jade and Bear puppies below  :)  .

        Blue Merle Male1 Duke with two blue eyes - Went to live with Jon and Jessica in FL.,          Duke at 6 yrs old Nov 2017

    Blue Merle Male2,   Went to live with Ricky and family in MD.  Brady 1 yr old 06 02 2012                  Brady 8yrs old April 2019

    Red Tri Female #6  has two blue eyes -                                                  Cinnamon Jan 2012

    Red Merle Female #7,  Has two blue eyes. Went to live with Steve, Susan and family in VA.    Pic April 2019, 8 yrs old

   Red Merle Male #8, Easton joined Luke (River pup) with Neil and Nicole.                  Easton at 8 yrs old  April 2019

                               Moriah and Watchie pups, Born Feb 12 2011 , .
     BTM2  Black Tri Male #2   Picasso Went to live with Jessica in NC.                        Picasso turning 7yrs old  01/18/2018

       BTF4  Black Tri Female #4   Roxy Went to live with Neil and Emily in VA.  New parents report she has already
       learned all the basic commands.

   BTF6  Black Tri Female  Tessa lives with Jean in MD,  Lt is Tessa, Rt BFF Meadow. Dec 2013,      Tessa March 2019 8yrs old.


                        Sapphire and Bear puppies born Feb 22, 2011  just turned 5yrs old Feb 2016 
       BMF1  Went to live with Lauren and John in CO                                                 Iris at 5yrs old Feb 2016, 
 Went to live with Caroline in NC,  This beautiful boy is a Blue Merle with Wht markings, w/o Tan points.  New 1yr pic 04/2012

   BMM   NinjaStar                                                                               

      Black Tri Female with two Blue eyes. Lizzy Stayed here with us to continue the Blue eye gene.


  Jade and Bear baby, Tango, such a pretty little guy, lives with Amy and family near the coast NC. Tango's 1yr Pic 10/2011


  Below is Rusty and Sapphire's litter from July 19, 2010,  7 pups, 5 Merles and 2 Black Tri's. 

           BMF1    Hattie   Went to live with Mike      Owner pictures on the Right,      Hattie helps Mike with Fund raisers.

BMF2     Coco went to live with Megan in NC                   Coco   July 2011 1 yr old, she goes swimming in lakes and rivers.

       BTM6       Blake  lives with Julie and family in MD ,              Blake at 7 yrs old, July 2017.

   BMF7    Sookie  lives with Scott and Zanna in VA,          Sookie at 8.5 Yr old, beautiful girl!!!  April 2019

July 2010




No puppies in 2008

Below is Rusty  2007 Litter

  All 5 Reds, 4 Red Tri's and 1 Red Merle, picture of the litter at the bottom.  

  Rowdy as a puppy                                                                                       Rowdy part of Pam and Jeremy's wedding 2010
        Rowdy at almost 5yrs old                                                                Rowdy at 4yrs old
   Rowdy Lives in NC with Pam and Jeremy.

Mad about You, Maddy.

    Three pups are Maddy, Max and Rowdy.


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