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       (See further down the page for: WHY GAIL RECEIVED A FULL REFUND INSTEAD OF HER PUPPY)            
     Product Recommendations.

     For Collars we recommend the Martingale stye, this allows you to adjust it so that in a closed or pulled position
     the collar is tight but not strangling your puppy.  It should be tight enough not to back out of but not choking. Than in a
     relaxed or open position gives a reward to the puppy for not pulling.  


         For Puppy Food we recommend either Eukanuba or Iams Large Breed Puppy food. 
       We blend the two together since one or the other is often not available and with out notice we
         have to switch dog food.  By blending the two together the dogs can easily transition.  Eukanuba
         and IAMs are made by the same company and designed to control the puppy growth to allow bones
         to develop in line with controlled growth.  Other puppy food can be too energy dense causing
         the puppy to grow too fast which can cause long term joint problems.  We recommend your puppy
         be kept on Eukanuba or IAMs for their first 24months before moving to an adult food.  This is
         because it takes 24months (2yrs) for a puppy's bones to fully develop. 


         For Puppy's First Year of growing we strongly recommend Nuvet Plus vitamins
        Your puppy will go from 7Lbs to 60 or more Lbs in just a short period (less than a year). 
        Be sure to order your puppy their NUVET PLUS vitamins to give him all the bone and muscle
        building nutrients He Needs for all that growing.   800-474-7044 ID Code: 93840
        To order your puppy's NuVet Plus vitamins call 800 474-7044 Code 93840

        For Puppy's Toys, we find they love these series of ocean blue soft rubber toys
        These are PetStages Orka toys from PetSmart, they do not have a rubber smell or taste and therefore
        are much more desirable for puppies to chew on. 

       For Puppy's Nap Time and unsupervised Time these cozy dens make them feel secure 

       Start off with Medium for House training puppy,  Plus trips to the vet for booster shots and later
       move to Intermediate and than to the large crate.




        Information on Air Travel for puppies that need to fly home.  
       Please allow us to recommend the day and time to fly where temperatures are 
       acceptable for the well being of your puppy and meet the airlines rules.

       Temperatures can not be warmer than 85 degrees at all locations that the puppy will encounter,
       Departing loc, connecting loc and arrival loc. 
       In colder months the temperature can not be lower than 45 unless we have been able to
       acclimate the puppy to a colder temp but not lower than 33, we will not ship in freezing temps.

     _____________________________________________________________________________________  WHY GAIL RECEIVED A FULL REFUND INSTEAD OF HER PUPPY...


The only customer complaint we have is from Gail, who did not get her puppy, she got a full refund instead.

We attempted to ship her puppy on Dec 21, 2011 while temps were acceptable for shipping a puppy to BOS.
On Dec 19th I sent her an email with the air weigh bill number and that the puppy is booked on the flight
for Dec 21. Unfortunately she refused and said that she could not hide the puppy for three days.

In an effort to convince gail to accept the puppy on Dec 21st which was the last day it could be shipped 
due to weather, I even sent her an email with a story that she could tell her children as to why the puppy
was coming from an airport and why it's early that Santa couldn't take the puppy in the sleigh.

 Last payment for the puppy was held by Gail until Dec 23rd in efforts to force us to ship the puppy
 on  Dec 24th, however with temps at 22 degrees in the morning and only reaching 30 degrees by 2:45pm 
 there was no way possible to ship their puppy Dec 24th. 

Below is the invoice history with Gail:
4 invoices were set up on Oct 11 since Gail said that they could only make payments, this was from her request that
the puppy's tail stay in tact, not docked, which requires payment made up front in full.  After Gail's multiple calls
pleading to allow her to make payments and keep the tail in tact that I set up the scheduled payments which I don't
normally do.  I should have known by her calls that I should not sell to this person, lessons learned.

The last invoice was due on Dec 15th since all the puppies were going to their new homes on Dec 16th and 17th
with one flying to California on Dec 21st which he did go on that flight and lives in Calif..

The last invoice was not paid until Dec 23rd, the weather was impossible to ship in on Dec 24th,  Gail went into a rage
and called non stop from morning til night, we had to finally disconnect the phone since it rang literally non stop and
on the other end was a person that was not capable of understanding that the airlines have rules and that I could not ship.
We decided to refund all the funds right away, since this person was not someone that should have a puppy.
On Dec 24th we made a complete refund of all payments.  ON Dec 27th for some reason Gail refunded back 200. of
the refund, which was than re refunded back to her on Dec 30th.

Temperature the morning of Dec 24th in BOS was 22 and did not reach 30 degrees til 2:45pm and the lowest
Temp the puppy could fly in is 45 degrees, which it would NOT even come close to, I don't think it ever got above freezing.


We can not ship puppies in freezing temperatures.  Please take our recommendation on flying dates to ensure arrival of your puppy in good health.  The well being of the puppy takes priority over all else. 

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone that we feel does not qualify as an approved home.  

Shipping Requirements and Restrictions. see AACargo Rules listed below.

Temperature Restrictions are airline rules, not mine, and a Vet's approval is required when shipping a puppy in temps below 45 degrees.

For example  on Dec 24, 2011 the BOS temps were well below 45 degrees, morning temps in 20's and took until 2:45pm to
reach 30 degrees.  Since the temps here in NC were in the 60's there was no way to acclimate a puppy to be flown in temps
in the 20's and 30's and there is no way my Vet will sign off on a Health Cert for me to ship a puppy in these conditions.
Any buyer demanding a puppy be shipped in such conditions will be voided and refunded since it is obvious that the puppies
well being is not being taken into consideration and you should not own a puppy.


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