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      Examples of colors from our prior litters:
               Blue Merle                           Red Tri                                       Red Merle                       Black Tri       
     Pictures of pups from prior litters, see owner updates on Prior Litters page.   For current puppies see below by litter.                    

                 Next litter is Crazy+London Due Dec 15th.  Going towards existing waiting list
                          Please use the "contact us" form to request our Questionnaire form.  
We breed as a hobby, we have full time careers for income, we do not have puppies year round. We breed Lovable, playful and Healthy (larger) Standard size Australian Shepherds.  We start with quality Mom and Dad's that  have relaxed temperaments.  They always receive the best of care and quality diet.  Puppies are raised in the house and well socialized, our puppies will make excellent family pets and companions.  Many of our pups have done excellent in herding, agility and also as therapy dogs. 

Puppies come with:
   Docked tails, dew claws removed by our vet on day 2,  UTD on puppy booster vaccinations, dewormed
   at 2wk, 4wk, 6wk & 8wks, Interceptor or similar heartworm prevention at 7wks, and Microchipped with
   a 15 digit international microchip.  Plus our 3 yr Health guarantee,  Spay/Neuter contract, and copies of
   the parents pedigree. 
   A $200 deposit will reserve your puppy. Partial payment at 4wks, Payment in full required by 8wks old.     The funds from puppies goes into adding additional play yards, gravel, replacing dog houses and making
   upgrades that are needed yearly.  see pictures of their kennels/runs on the Other Pics  page.
2018 Prices for new inquiries: 
     Black Tri  w/Brown eyes $550,
     Red Tri w/Brown eyes  $700,     
     Blue Merle or Red Merle regardless of eye color**  $850,
     Black Tri or Red Tri with Blue eyes $850, 

We accept payments through PAYPAL. If you are interested please use the Contact Us Page to request
our puppy questionnaire.  We'll send you our process along with a questionnaire to fill out and return, a sample of our letter, process and questionnaire is at the bottom of the Contact Us page, but may have updates in the actual email that will be sent out.  Please make sure you agree with our process before submitting a contact form requesting our puppy questionnaire

   You can read what our puppy owners have to say about their puppies by going to  Testimonials

    Unless otherwise agreed, all puppies are sold on PET (Spay/Neuter) contract ONLY, 
   not for breeding.

    **No Guarantee on Merle eye color, Merles eye color continues to change with possible marbling of brown into the blue, or blue
        transitioning to green or amber or brown through puppy's 1st year of life.  That is why there is no premium for blue eyes on
        Merles as they can continue to change.           

    PUPPIES NEED TO BE PICKED UP IN PERSON, or Purchased in person if you need us to ship to your home state.      

       Planned Puppies 2019,  Not all planned breedings will result in a pregnancy.
            Crazy and London, were bred Oct, Due Dec 15th, going to homes Feb 9th.
            Trini and Londen, were bred Nov, Due Jan 10th, going to homes Mar 7th.
            Honey moved in with IronMan will be bred in Dec, Due Feb, going to homes April 2019
            Tequila chg'd to IronMan to be bred Feb, Due Apr, going to homes Jun.
            Marina moved in with Bruiser to be bred Feb, Due Apr, going to  homes Jun.
            Snow and BTO, to be bred in Feb/Mar, Due Apr/May, going to homes Jun/Jul.
            Holly and Sport, to be bred in Mar, Due in May, going to homes in July.

                               Margarita and IronMan puppies Born Nov 7th 2018

     BTM1  Black Tri Male,   Going to Steve A.    

    BTF2  Black Tri Female,  Going to Norma L.  at 2wks old

    BTM3  Black Tri Male,    Going to Tom B. 

    BMM4  Blue Merle Male,  Going to Billy (Jr) H.   at 2wks old

    BTM5  Black Tri Male,    Going to Mary Jo

   BTF6   Black Tri Female,   Going to Ambar

    BMM7  Blue Merle male,  Going to Terri L.

    BMF8   Blue Merle Female,  Going to Terry and Kim.  at 3wks old, eating softened kibble

    BMM9  Blue Merle Male,  Going to Bob K.  2 blue eyes

                                 Dahlia and IronMan pups born Nov 3rd 2018
     RTM1  Red Tri Male, going to Scott 
                              Sierra and Bruiser pup born Oct 3rd 2018.
   Black Tri female w/Brown eyes, Long tail.  Available



                           See the Prior Litters page

      **There is no guarantee on Merle eye color, that is why the price is the same regardless of eye color on Merles.
          Eye color continues to change on Merles with marbling that can occur with brown or green into the blue through
          out the first year of the puppy's development.

Current Deposits pending         Sequence

         Rose                 RM/BM               12/01/17    on Hold, will advise per Rose
   1    Jaclyn O           Blue Merle male  02/03/18     on Hold, traveling til Fall 2018
   2    Celeste          RM IronMan           03/25/18    RM from Honey+IronMan
   3    Jessica L.      Blue Merle              06/18/18     after move May 2019
   4    Logan           BMF  LONG TAIL     07/18/18     Crazy+London due Dec 15th
   5    Brittany        BMF or RMF            07/17/18      Crazy+London
   6    Garrett         RT/RM or BM          08/09/18    Crazy+London(BM) or Honey+IronMan
   7    Nate P          Red Tri                   08/23/18    Honey+IronMan or Holly+Sport
   8    Elizabeth H.  Red Merle or Red Tri                 Honey+IronMan Spring or Summer 2019
   9    Alexis H.       Red Tri Female        09/01/18   Tequila+IronMan litter   
   10  Mike L.         Blue Merle Female    09/04/18   Crazy+IronMan due Dec 15th
   11  Vicki L.         Red Merle                09/19/18   Honey+IronMan
   12  Ryan W       BTF LONG TAIL          09/30/18   LONG TAIL. req for May 2019
   13  Mallorie       BM female                10/06/18   Crazy+London
   14  Greg V        special needs Svc      11/12/18    Snow+BTO pup
   15  Kevin M.      Blue Merle Female     11/25/18    Trini+London
   16  James K.     BMF support dog         Pending     Snow+BTO 






   NOTE: Buyers need to pick up puppy in person. 

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