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River Puppies

  River's Prior Litters below.....       Baby pic on the Left,                                   Owner pics on the Right

 See our "Testimonials" Page to read what our puppy owners have to say about their puppies.


          Crazy & River (River's last litter) Puppies born 04 2015


                Moriah & River Puppies born 04/02/14 went to new homes early June 2014.
                                       Thank you owners for your updated pics at 2yrs old 04 2016.
      BTF1   Mina went home with Jessica                           update Mina at 2yrs old  04 2016  (smiling like Moriah does)

   BMF2 Ruby went home with Carrie and Matt

              BTM3    Pilot went home with Dixie                                       update Pilot at 2yrs old  04 2016

    BTM4   Rocky went home with Kristen B                      update Rocky at 2yrs old  04 2016

      BTM5  Mac  went home with Kirsten C                                          update Mac at 2yrs old  04 2016

         BMM6   Lil'Roc lives in SC with Karen,  puppies eyes don't always stay blue, this pup had color that continued to change

      BTM7  Apollo lives with Alison                                                     update Apollo at 2yrs old 04 2016

             BTM8  Barney went home with Olivia                                      update Barney at 2yrs old  04 2016
            Savannah & River Puppies  born 03/26/14 went to new homes end of May 2014.

   BMF   Sadie went home with Kristen

         BMF   Jessie went home with Gary and Shayna,  Jessie has a tail in tact,               New pic Feb 2016 shows her long fluffy tail.

          BTF6  Daisy went home with Ann and family with twin boys,  Daisy has a tail in tact.

      BTM   Austin lives with Jean in MD along with Tessa, a Moriah and Watchie pup that Jean got from us 5yrs ago

    BTM  Ringo,  Johnny Ringo went to live with Bill in NC. Ringo joins Curly Jo that Bill got from us 2yrs ago from Aurora and Orrie pup.

                           Moriah & River Puppies born 09/11/13 went to new homes Nov 6th.

                       BMF1  Blue Merle Female with two blue eyes, Roxanne Lives with Ryder in NC .

                BMF2  Blue Merle Female #2, Our beautiful Snow with two blue eyes, stayed here with us. Gentle and Smart
                 BMM3  Blue Merle Male #3 Carter went to live with Carol in KY .

                    BTM4  Black Tri Male  #4  Aero went To Alexander in VA.

       BTM5  Black Tri Male #5 Bruiser.  With Rivers playfulness and Moriah's gentleness we just had to keep him. Very smart and loving.
          But like River he can be very playful, tossing water buckets around, everything is a toy.  He likes to go visiting his neighbors by 
          digging under the fence to go play with the male in the next run, all heart though...

                        BTF6  Black Tri Female #6  Oakley went To Nicole in NC .

                  BTF7  Black Tri Female #7 Pickles went  To Chase and Christina in NC .

            Savannah and River Puppies born 07/28/13 went to new homes Sept 22nd 2013.
           BTF1  Trini stayed here, our Trini is so awesome, love this girl, she is my favorite of all.

     BTF2 Black Tri Female #2  Kyrie went to Lindsey,  Kyrie moved to Dale in VA, Kyrie at 6yrs old 2019

     BMM3  Chillie Waters, Blue merle stayed Here, just like his dad, Loves throwing a bucket from one
              end of the yard to the other, he can tear up a bucket in 1 day, LOL, big heart, very sweet.

      BTM4  Murphy went to Tony in NC,     Murphy is the older one, baby is from Dahlia/IronMan 2016  
          BTM5   Black Tri Male  #5  went  to Kevin in NC                       
     BTM6  Black Tri Male  #6  Cadence went  To Mara in VA. 
               Cadence in FL at work with Mara  


           Harley and River Puppies Born 02/19/13,  went to their new homes  April 14, 2013
           Red Merle Female #1 ID HR13 RMF1 Olivia went to live with  Ginny                           pic updt 2yrs old  02 2015

                    Red Tri Female #2 ID HR13 RTF2      Nalah went to live with Josh in NC      

Black Tri Female#3 ID HR13 BTF3  Roxie went to live with Linda    

      Chester lives with Doug and Annalea                                                        Chester at 6yrs old  July 2019

BMM5   Scout lives with Chris & Mary Beth.     Scout 5yrs old Aug 2018                 Scout 6yrs old July 4th 2019

     Moriah and River puppies Born 02/14/13,  went to their new homes  April 11, 2013 

     Black Tri Female#1   Bella lives with Dominick in MD  pic 2yrs old Feb 2015             Bella at 6yrs old 03/22/2019

         Black Tri Female#2 ID MR13 BTF2    Stelle on the Right lives with  Anne and Steve in VA   


      ID MR13 BTF4     Ellie went to live with Janet in MD   updated pic 5yrs old Aug 2018

       Blue Merle Female#5  Lexi lives with Sue, to be a therapy dog,             Lexi at 2yrs old  2015

        BMF6  Izzie lives with Jeaneen,           Izzie at 2yrs old.                       update 5yrs old 02 20 2018


       River and Savannah Born Dec 15th 2012, went to their new homes  Feb 12, 2013    
                             Black Tri male #1  ID SR12 BTM1 Avenger went to Karen in KY recently moved back to NC
                 BTF2  went to Norma in VA , due to illness Sadie moved to live with Mary in VA

                Black Tri Female #3  ID SR12 BTF3   Roxy Went to Tim and Dolores in NC. and winning ribbons !!

               Black Tri Female #4
  ID SR12 BTF4 Sadie Went to Bailey in NC to help with the horses.

       Blue Merle Female #5
    Maddie went to Dani, Mike and two children in MD,   updated pic 2yrs old  02 2015

            River and Harley 07/2012 puppies went to their new homes Sept 16,  2012      

          BMF3  Blue Merle Female #3      Went to live with her new family in NC

    BMM1  Blue Merle Male #1       Went to his new home with Brenda on a big farm in VA.


   BTF6  Black Tri Female 6   Oakley Went to live with Sarah and Zach in NC,   updated pic Nov 2014

   BTM7  Black Tri Male 7  Riley went to live with Ivy and her family                                          Riley at 6yrs old July 2018
   see the Testimonials page to read what his owner has to say about him


    River and Savannah's litter Born April 20, 2012, puppies all turned out awesome!! .

   This Blue Merle female Lily, went to live with Arletta on a farm where she will help with getting the horses in for the evening.
  see the Testimonials page to read what her owner has to say about her


  This Blue Merle male went to live with Rebekah to help get the horses in, his fist day he went to a horse show in NC.
   see the Testimonials page to read what his owner has to say about him

  This Black Tri Female Kona went to live with Vikki, Mark and their four Sons.  This puppy has big expressive eyes, she is so friendly.


    Harley and River's litter Born Jan 2012, Puppies went to their new forever homes   

     Jack lives with Patti and Mark,  he is doing great, very smart, loves toys, very playful and very big.  Jack 6yrs old Jan 17, 2018
 BTF5  Blk Tri Female #5 Sheila, went to live with Heather and family               Sheila and bedtime story time with baby

         BTM2        Kai at his new home with Susan,  at 5 months old, what a handsome well mannered boy, relaxed and laid back.            

       BMM7     Otis lives with Amy                                    Otis at 6yrs old Jan 04, 2018

    BMM6     Milo as a baby                                                                                 Milo with his girl at his home April 2012

      BMM6  - and Milo again at his home with his new friend their Kittie....    being very patient and gentle with the Kittie. 

  Well not focused but it's still too cute not to put up. Lt to Rt is Ginger, Spice, Otis and Milo.  so funny that there is a Milo and Otis
  and the new owners chose names independently  :) 

  River pups Born July 19, 2011, All the puppies turned out very pretty and super good natured
  Iron-man lives here with us to see how he turns out  for possible future breeding

   Bell is very pretty and looks a  lot like her mommy.

  Cooper Lives with Amy, Steve and has three little girls to protect at his new home. 

               Austin went to live with Ruthie and her partner not too far from us,  Austin is beautiful, thank you for the update  :)

  Mila went to live with Alex in NC                                    Thank you for the update Alex, Mila is very pretty




July 2010

River pups from Dec 01, 2009,    8 puppies - 6 Black Tri's  and 2 Blue Merles

BTM1   Enzo                                                                                                   Enzo at 1Yr,  Lives with Cherie.

  BTM3  Orrie                                                             Orrie at 1Yr old, lives here at home with us.

     Orrie 8yrs old April 2018

  BTM5  Tyke                                                                                                           Tyke at 1Yr old, lives with Krystal.

  BMM1   Blue Merle Male with two blue eyes  "Luke"   Luke at 3yr old, Doggie Daycare          Luke at 4 1/2 yrs old 2015 with baby CJ

  BMF  Sky                                                                                              SKY REFLECTIONS OF RIVER, Lives here at home with us


    GINGER  as a baby

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