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A few words from our puppy owners regarding their Auzzierun puppy/dog.

    Ella is a Tequila pup born 03/20/2019, you can see her pictures on the prior litter page.

      Luna is a Tequila pup born 03/20/19, see pictures of her on the prior litter page
      Margarita pup BTF6  Louise born 11 08 2018
  Added a few of our puppy owner posts from fb




    Good girl Bindi protecting her family from a bear



      Owners of our Dream and Roamie pup Nov 2016








        April 29, 2016 update regarding BMF2 Lucy from Crazy / IronMan litter



       Savannah and River pup from 2014 litter
         Daisy pic from Ann

     Savannah and River pup from 2014 litter
          Tessa and Austin from Jean's update

      Savannah and River pup from 2014 litter

        Savannah and River pup from 2014 litter
         Jessie and Dexter from Gary and Shayna.

       Moriah and River final litter together 2014


         Moriah and River final litter together 2014

        Ruby pic from Carrie

    Moriah and River pup from 09/11/2013 Litter
      Moriah and River pup from 09/11/2013 Litter
        Pickles at 6months old


      Harley and River pup from 02 2013 litter

    Harley and River pup from 02 2013 litter
     Chester is from Harley and River 02 2013  litter BTM4

   Below email regarding  Moriah and River pup from 02 2013 

      Sapphire and Watchie pup from 2012 litter
  Ivy in this youtube link is showing her skills as a Service Dog     
     Savannah and River pup from 2012

     Savannah and River pup from 2012

   Aurora and Orrie pup from 2012 litter

Some of our puppy owner comments on Fb too



  Feed back regarding Sapphire / Titan puppy Spring 2012

    Riley is  from Harley and River Jan 2012 Litter

    Riley  is  from Harley and River Jan 2012 Litter
     Sheila is also from Harley and Rivers Jan 2012 Litter

     Kai is also from Harley and River Jan 2012 Litter

        Jack is also from Harley and Rivers Litter born Jan 2012

    Nice email from Ashley, their Milo is from Harley and Rivers  Jan 2012 Litter.

   Pinto is from a litter July 2012 sired by River
  River Puppy feed back at 1yr old from two pups that were born summer of 2011 litter.
    Sadie is a Titan Puppy from Sapphire.
Next 4 emails Below are from Sapphire and Watchie puppy owners, pups were born Oct 2011

       Charlie is from Sapphire and Watchie litter Oct 2011

         Hank is from Sapphire and Watchie litter Oct 2011

   Tucker from Sapphire and Watchie litter Oct 2011

Next 4 emails Below are from River puppy owners, born Dec 01, 2009.

Email from Neil regarding his dog Luke, one of the Dec 2009 puppies

From: Neil  <cbledragon@comcast.net>
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Mon, Nov 29, 2010 9:05 am
Subject: Re: Luke's first Birthday Dec 1, 10


What can I say about Luke..... He is simply the perfect dog! He has a great personality and nothing seems to bother him. I take him every where with me and can say that we have never met a person or another dog that he has not gotten along with. He is so smart when it comes learning new things. He picks up new tricks in a matter of minutes. We have so much fun together. One of the things that I have noticed, talking to other assuie owners is, Luke has never tied to heard me, kids or anyone. Seems as though he doesn't have any interest in it. Which for me is a good thing. He of course does have a bit of a mischievous side but it is all in fun. Never causing any serious trouble just wanting attention. Since he is so cute it is tough to stay mad at him. I am so glad that I found Auzzie Run and decided to get Luke from them. I couldn't be more pleased. Maybe another dog from them in the future??

Luke's stats are as follow. He is 49.5 Lbs. He stands between 22 and 23 inches at the shoulder. Looking at photos of his father, I believe that his coat is more like that. He is very fluffy around around the upper body but his hair towards the back is a bit shorter. I've attached a few photos that I took last weekend.

Email from Krystal owner of Tyke, puppy from Dec 2009 litter

Email from Cherie owner of Enzo,  puppy from Dec 2009

From: Cherie  <rnnooch@gmail.com>
To: auzzierun@netscape.net
Sent: Sun, May 9, 2010 5:30 pm
Subject: Re: Enzo

Hi Lorraine,
It's so good to hear from you. Enzo is doing fabulous! He's such a love. My daughter took this picture just last week of both dogs. Enzo had his rabies and final boosters last week, and weighed in at 39 pounds! He's going to be a big boy.  Next month he'll be getting neutered, and if I can afford it both dogs will be getting snake aversion training so we can do some more hiking now that's the warm weather is here.
I took both dogs to herding instinct class last week. Enzo spent 15 minutes with a trainer and 3 sheep. He's a natural and is not dominant to one side or the other, which is a bonus since typically herding dogs are like people - right or left handed. The training classes are a bit pricey, but I plan to take both dogs again for a few more training sessions. They both will also be taking agility classes this fall, which should also be a lot of fun. Enzo has also gone to the dog park 5 times now. He's really becoming socialized and is learning to take the lead and not tag along with Mattie all the time.
Enzo learns quickly. He knows the following commands: sit, lay down, shake, stay, come, wait, okay, get it, drop it, leave it. He's house broken, chewing much less, is an excellent retriever, and gets along great with the cats, especially Sneakers. Enzo and Sneakers give each other kisses all the time. Sometimes he sleeps on the bed with Mattie, Sneakers, and Me, and other times in his doggie bed on the floor. But every morning he jumps on the bed and gives me a wake-up call and kisses! :)
Thanks for keeping in touch, I'll do my best to continue sending you pics and info. You've done a great job breeding a very loving precious dog.
Happy Mother's Day!

Email from Ashley regarding Downey one of Dec 2009 Puppies.

             Six emails below regarding Bear's puppies from various litters
________________________Jade and Bear puppy born April 2011_______________________________

From: Kim K <kdk@atmc.net>
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Tue, Sep 13, 2011 10:12 pm
Subject: Re: Black Bi Male Aussie pup

Hi Lorraine,
I just wanted to send you some pictures of "Koda" Bear Dances in the Wind. 
I take him everywhere I go. He loves the water. We go motor boating, fishing,
kayaking, canoeing and just swimming. My parents, sister and nephew have german
shepherds and Koda is king of the pack.
Everyone who meets him asks where I got him and wants to have him.  He is such a 
love muffin to me. I do not understand why he was the last pick, their loss because
he is the best little man ever. I really lave and enjoy him. Thank you so much.
Our best, 

Kim, Haydon and Koda

___________________Sapphire & Bear puppies_________________________________
Next 4 emails Below are from Sapphire and Bear puppy owners

Iris is out of Sapphire and Bear litter born Feb 22, 2011

____________________________Sapphire & Bear puppy____born Feb 2011 still puppies__
From: Robin T <robint99@hotmail.com>
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Sat, Sep 3, 2011 10:31 pm
Subject: IMG-20110903-00091.jpg

He is a great companion for us. He is still laid back but not at all shy. Very 
chill except when he sees another dog. We may have to get a trainers help with
that because he is totally not focused on us in the presence of another dog. Not
aggressive just wants to play in the worst kind of way. We are trying to teach
him to obey our cues of when play is appropriate and when to pass by. He is 38
pounds and still gets the oohs and aahs of everyone. Especially girls. A real
chick magnet. In fact I have given your name out often. He sits, shakes, lays
will run after and retrieve a frisbee or ball but can't catch yet. He just
learned to swim two weeks ago at the beach at the sound. You would have thought
we were new parents we we're so proud. He was potty trained completely in about
4 weeks. And can now go all night with no problem. We adore him. He was the best
choice for us.


Letter below July 2012 regarding Kyrie at 6 months, Black Bi with two blue eyes from Moriah and Bear.

Gorgeous girl from Moriah and Bear

 Bear and Jade puppy  2012

  Bear and Jade puppy 2012

_______________________________________Sapphire & Bear puppy____born Feb 2011 still puppies_________
From: jackson s <jax_1@yahoo.com>
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Sun, May 29, 2011 4:54 pm
Subject: Moxie

Hi Lorraine,
We have been meaning to send you these photos for a while, better late than never. The one with her head down was the first day we got her home to MA. The other two were taken a couple of weeks later. She is doing fantastic. We have been able to get through a handful of commands already, sit, lay down, rollover, high five, speak, stay (with a lot of reluctance). She listens well, except when there is too much stimulation. She loves meeting new dogs, cats, and especially people, which surprised me a little. Most Aussies I have known have been a little shy, maybe it is just a puppy thing. She is great in the car, it took a little coaxing, but she gets in and out with no trouble at all. She weighs about 25 lbs and gets new freckles every day. She loves anything frozen, especially popsicles, which I will let her have a lick or two occasionally. I will send you more pictures when she gets a little bigger. I hope everything is well.
Jackson & Sara 

__________________another Sapphire and Bear puppy _________born Feb 2011 still puppies_______________

From: Caroline Mc>
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Mon, Sep 5, 2011 11:10 pm
Subject: Re: How is Meeko doing?

Hey Lorraine, 
Meeko is doing great! He is the best dog I've ever had. He knows all of the basic tricks already, plus a
few extras like shake and crawl and touch. He is really smart and catches on to things very quickly.
He even learned the command "lick" from me training him not to bite by saying "no bite, good lick". Haha. 

He has been very well socialized. We take him to the dog park everyday, and he meets new people and
dogs and is very friendly. He also goes on lots of trips with us, we took him camping this weekend, and he
had a blast! So he is also accustomed to riding in the car a lot now, he jumps right in.

I am planning on taking him to obedience classes within the next month, to help keep him focused, and work
out some dominance barking. But he is the sweetest dog ever, and I am so happy to have him. Also, he does
have a lot of energy in spurts, for example when we go to the dog park. But he also knows when it is time to
settle down, and can be very calm too.

He is such a great dog, thanks so much!


Updated picture of Meeko from Caroline April 2012 at 1yr old, sometimes a picture tells a thousand words

  3 Emails below are in regards to Sapphire and Rusty puppies from July 2010 Litter.

From: Mike S
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 12:35 pm
Subject: Hattie is REALLY Turning heads

I think you are getting an inquiry soon.
Which reminded me to update you on Hattie.
We have started running and she loves it. She is getting me out and off the couch.
Everyone she meets LOVES her. I must admit, I socialize her LOTS, but my training we need to improve.
Certain people JUST get her so excited, and others she is like an old lady and stays very calm.We are working on it.
Hanover is a very small college town, so everyone knows her. Now we are running, Everyone knows her!
I can Not express how lucky I feel have her and picking your kennel. You have given me the best companion.
Thanks YOU again!

____________  Sapphire and Rusty puppy feedback July 2010 Litter ____________________________

To: 'Lorraine' <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Mon, Aug 15, 2011 5:53 pm

Hi Lorraine,
Here is a picture of Blake on his 1st birthdayJ  He got a special treat with cheese on top!  It was gone in seconds.
Blake is such a wonderful dog!   His favorite activity is running the tow path along the C & O canal with me. 
We have a special area we stop off where a stream meets the river, this is his favorite spot to run in the
stream and chase sticks.  I am still working on the retrieving part, but he has no problem chasing!!  He is a
very obedient dog and I have him trained off the leash when on the tow path.  He follows my arm commands
and knows when to go right and let the bike riders pass.  I still am cautious when a horse is approaching and
will put him on the leash for this.  He remains sitting until my release command, however, I don’t want to take
any chances off the leash! 
He returns to the vet in October for his yearly checkup.  I will send you an update.
I hope all is well with you.  I think of you often.

____________  Sapphire and Rusty puppy feedback July 2010 Litter ____________________________

From:  Joe
To: Lorraine <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Sun, Nov 28, 2010 9:37 pm
Subject: FW: IMG00120-20101127-2217.jpg


I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Lillie... She is such a
joy and both of my kids lover her and she loves them. Thank you soooo
much for helping with the healing process of losing two dogs in less
than a week. While Lillie will never replace our past ausie, she surly
has put a smile back on their face....

Thanks again for our new family member...


Next 5 emails below Regarding  Moriah and Watchie's litter born Feb 12, 2011.

From: Collettip
To: auzzierun <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Tue, Apr 19, 2011 7:45 pm
Subject: Update on Tessa (BTF#6)

Hi Lorraine,
          Just wanted to let you know that Tessa is doing wonderful. She is getting along with everyone just fine
and she is so playful. She went to the vet on the 14th  and she  weighs 9lbs. 4 oz. . Her temperament is so good .
We took her to PetSmart and she is a little sociable butterfly. Everybody that went past her, she would go up to for
them to pet her.  Tessa got a puppy bath Sunday and did just great. She sleeps all night  and enjoys playing outside. 
Overall she is a wonderful puppy that is loved by all of us . Future updates will be coming and so will pictures.

  Below is a pic of Tessa, she is from Moriah and Watchie's Feb 12, 2011 litter.

From: Collettip
To: auzzierun <auzzierun@netscape.net>
Sent: Sun, Jul 3, 2011 5:55 pm
Subject: Update on Tessa (ZigZag)

 Hi Lorraine,
          Just wanted to give you a little update on Tessa. She now weighs 25.6 lbs. and is 18.5 inches tall.
She  loves the water.  If you are out watering the flowers, Tessa will pick up the hose and run with it so that
she sprinkles herself with the water . When she drinks water now, she blows bubbles out her nose into the
water. She is so much fun.  Tessa is a smart puppy. Her favorite two toys are a ball and a flippy flopper. She
tries to carry both at the same time and she has figured out away to do this. She will lay the ball down, put
the flippy flopper on top of the ball and then pick the two of them up together. She is such a beautiful puppy
and is so loving. She likes to lay out in the yard at night time and watch the lightning bugs. Attached are some
pictures of Tessa and Meadow, the my grandson's Aussie. Hope you don't get tired of the pictures. Will keep you
updated on this wonderful puppy.

Xander from Moriah and Watchie's litter born Feb 12, 2011

Roxy born Feb 12, 2011 from Moriah and Watchie


 1 Email below are regarding puppies from Moriah and River  July 2010 Litter.

To: auzzierun
Sent: Fri, Dec 24, 2010 1:53 pm
Subject: Re: Photos from Greg & Rise'

Lorraine -
That would be absolutely fine.  We almost got a super-cute picture of Maggie cuddling with our lab Buddy the other day -- they were "spooning" together!  So funny! 
We have other pictures, but I haven't had a chance to get them off to you.  She's just doing great - definitely holding her own and putting Buddy in his place!  What a fantastic personality she has.  We love her dearly.  I'm sure it must be hard to have to part with your little ones, but know that she's a happy, playful puppy with people who couldn't imagine doing without her!
Have a blessed Christmas.


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